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       Chongqing Maigao Elevator Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, is a professional engaged in the modernization of the new enterprise in the research and manufacture of high-grade elevator, elevator Maigao always pay close attention to the needs of customers, the new problems facing the direction of development and transportation to explore and understand the modern society, trying to provide customers with the best solution.
       The company integrates the international and domestic excellent resources, cooperates with the hundred year history company, introduces the advanced elevator drive and microcomputer control technology in Germany, and closely introduces the new MACRO series elevator.
       Maigao company headquarters is located in Jiangbei District, South Temple, elevator factory production base is located in Chongqing city Hechuan Industrial Park core area, a total investment of 300 million yuan, the construction area of more than 5 square meters, has advanced processing equipment, has become...
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Through close cooperation with you, we provide the most appropriate solutions to help you achieve part of the update or replace the existing elevator system. Our solutions have excellent performance in quality, flexibility, accuracy and efficiency.
We will be happy to provide you with:
1.National solutions and local support
2.Rapid troubleshooting and maintenance to achieve higher availability of equipment
3.Integrated diagnosis function of multi brand controller
... ...
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